Niehaus is a full service drywall company. We perform all the tasks needed to complete your drywall job. We perform every task from layout, structural metal studs, light gauge metal studs, drywall and taping up to a level 5 finish. With our great EMR rates we are able to perform work in most all venues. We have experience in performing drywall work in large multi-story buildings, hospitals, labs, data centers, government facilities, hotels, condominiums, strip malls and tenant build outs.

What is Heavy and Light Gauge Framing and Drywall?

Light and Heavy Gauge Framing and Drywall has been the mainstay of Niehaus over the last 50 years. The expertise and dedication our employees offer is second to none. Niehaus has the manpower and financial resources to meet the challenges of the most complicated projects. Whether the job is to install a door frame or a glass section in a tenant up fit, or to construct a 30-story project, we are your contractor. There is truly no job too small or too large for us.

We are one of the most respected and trusted drywall companies in Missouri. We strive to be the partner that drives your job – regardless of the size. We are a relationship based business with a priority placed on customer service and beating schedules.

Benefits of Heavy and Light Gauge Framing:

Superior and Uniform Quality
Can be roll-formed into precise shapes
Studs don’t warp, twist, bow or split
Does not promote the growth of mold
More economical than traditional construction methods
Lower costs for construction insurance

High Strength/Light Weight

Steel has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all building materials
Both Heavy and Light gauge framing can reach spans greater than lumber
Lightens structures by reducing foundation requirements
Works well independently or in other structural systems


Environmentally friendly alternative to wood
Reduce disposal costs and waste
Provides good indoor air quality
100% recyclable
Significant contributor to the LEED certification process