Niehaus is a licensed installer of most fireproofing products. We are licensed to install W.R. Grace, Cafco and Carboline products. We have the knowledge, ability and equipment to install cementitious spray applied fireproofing, fiber spray applied fireproofing and intumescent fireproofing. We are capable of spraying these products in all situations from 1 story buildings to a multi-story high rise.

What is Spray Fireproofing?

Fireproofing is the use of fireproofing products to protect building structural materials from fire, specifically structural steel. Structural steel is does not hold up structurally in a fire, fireproofing products are used to provide a rating on those steel members. In turn, those ratings give people time to exit a building in a fire. The ratings are determined by building code. Niehaus uses sprayed fireproofing, intumescent coatings and fireproofing board products to fireproof structures. We are also approved approved to install these materials by fireproofing product manufacturers and also by the NFCA (National Fireproofing Contractors Association).